Australian News - October 6, 2021

BMW And MINI Set To Go Beyond In Ownership Experience

BMW Group Australia is set to further elevate its customers’ ownership experience with the launch of BMW and MINI BEYOND. 

The program aims to deliver a range of benefits during the ownership period that builds upon the concept of traditional scheduled vehicle maintenance.

BMW and MINI BEYOND encompasses the two brands’ ownership solutions under one umbrella while being based on tiered structure to provide choice and flexibility.

Tier 1 

This tier of BEYOND begins with the advantages that BMW Group offers complimentary upon purchase of a BMW or MINI: a three-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, roadside assist, emergency call and full use of dealership café facilities. These services provide access to a host of digital services via the My BMW App or MINI App.  They connect the driver to the vehicle, deliver updates in real-time and provide the ability to control certain functions of the vehicle remotely.

For owners of fully electric or plug-in hybrid BMW and MINI vehicles, these new apps can display a new level of information about the battery charge state.

These digital elements complement the advanced remote services already offered, such as the ability to lock and unlock the vehicle, flash the headlights and ventilate the cabin via the app.

Tier 2

The second tier of BMW and MINI BEYOND is based on the successful and well-established BMW and MINI Service Inclusive programs.

In addition to the advantages offered by Service Inclusive at a base level – which includes the convenience of a structured maintenance plan with factory-backed service, genuine parts and upfront costs – customers also receive a 20 per cent discount on BMW and MINI genuine parts at BMW workshops.

Alongside packages tailored for BMW and MINI vehicles with conventional powertrains and plug-in hybrid systems, BMW Group Australia has curated Service Inclusive packages for its range of fully electric vehicles that have their own specific set of requirements.

The second tier of BEYOND also includes new Vehicle Care and Vehicle Detail packages. The former provides customers between three and 10 express washes depending on the level, while the latter offers one or two express vehicle details and a complimentary vehicle care kit for at-home cleaning and touch-ups.

All vehicle wash and detail work is carried out at BMW and MINI dealers and by trained staff using product designed specifically for BMW Group vehicles to provide a premium, factory-level finish.

Owners can additionally take advantage of the Explorer package upgrade as part of the tier two BEYOND service suite. This allows owners to rent a selection of accessories, such as roof-mounted cargo carriers for a weekend away, for 12 days annually.

Dr. Reiner Meierbeck, General Manager of Aftersales for BMW Group Australia, said BEYOND was designed to enhance the experience of owning a BMW and MINI while also delivering exceptional value.

“Our aim is to significantly expand outside the simple process of bringing your car in for a scheduled service,” Dr. Meierbeck said.

“Working together with our dealer partners, BEYOND allows us to build a deeper connection with our customers by bringing them closer to BMW and MINI with bespoke services that complement their lifestyle.

“In addition to the advantages we offer in the first level of BEYOND with our warranty, roadside assistance and emergency call, level two opens up a world of options.

“For example, our new Vehicle Care and Vehicle Detail packages allow customers to have their vehicles cleaned and detailed to an extremely high level, and Explorer is ideal for those who need the practicality of accessory use but don’t necessarily need or want to own something that could take up space in the home or garage the other times of the year.”

Later this year and into 2022 further package upgrades and tiers will be added to BMW and MINI BEYOND as part of a long-term plan to improve and refine the packages while responding to customer needs and feedback.

“In the near future we will introduce some very exciting developments for BMW and MINI BEYOND designed to enrich the experience of owning and driving all our vehicles to even higher degree, including our new line-up of fully electric models,”  Dr. Meierbeck added.

“What we offer now is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to come.”

BMW and MINI Beyond Vehicle Care and Detail packages

Vehicle Care $120

3 express washes

Vehicle Care Premium $240

6 express washes

Vehicle Care Premium Plus $500

10 express washes

1 cosmetic repair voucher

Vehicle detail $250

1 express detail

1 complimentary vehicle care kit

Vehicle Detail Premium $500

2 express details

1 complimentary vehicle care kit

Vehicle Detail Premium Plus $600

2 express details

1 complimentary vehicle care kit

1 cosmetic repair voucher

BMW and MINI BEYOND Explorer package: $449

The following BMW and MINI Genuine Accessories can be rented for 12 days annually with complimentary installation:

  • 320-litre roof box
  • Touring bike holder x2 
  • Ski and snowboard holder