Car Shows & Trade Fairs - March 26, 2019

Mitsubishi Unveils Triton Absolute

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has unveiled the Triton Absolute, a concept model of the acclaimed Triton that embodies the rugged, solid, and uncompromising nature of MMC’s flagship ute at the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show 2019*.

“The Triton Absolute concept is more robust, dynamic and powerful. It demonstrates our commitment to exploring a vision of the future Triton that will deliver on our ‘engineered beyond tough’ commitment to the Triton series – bold enough to be taken on even more adventurous treks to explore Australia’s rugged outback, which is one of Mitsubishi’s defining strengths.” said Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO, John Signoriello.

“While only a concept at this stage, we will assess the feedback from customers in Australia and overseas towards a more aggressive Triton which will guide the brand’s future product development.”

The striking design of the Triton Absolute will showcase the robustness of the ute’s frame, and convey the rugged and uncompromising presence of the Triton in every environment. This special model’s protective body paneling, rugged style, and enhanced LED lighting take on the “ABSOLUTELY Beyond Tough” nature of the new Triton, which has evolved across generations of the outstanding, rugged ute series.

Underpinning the Triton Absolute is a wider track to accommodate heavy duty off-road tires, while the upgraded suspension not only raises the body by 50mm for improved ground clearance, it provides more suspension travel and delivers superior ride and handling.

MMC expects the bold and ambitious model to resonate strongly with ute enthusiasts everywhere by embodying the proven mechanical durability and go-anywhere performance capabilities of the Triton, which were further advanced with the launch of the 2019 model in Thailand last year.

The Triton Absolute will be showcased over the coming 12 months to gauge public interest and feedback.

*Bangkok Motor Show is open to the general public from March 27th to April 7th. For more information, please see: