Australian News - June 6, 2018

Peugeot to Drive Awareness With Innovative Partner

Australia’s first and largest peer-to-peer car rental platform, DriveMyCar, is challenging the traditional car rental industry by making it possible for everyday Aussies to experience high quality vehicles for less through a partnership with French car manufacturer, Peugeot .

Available immediately, a fleet of 110 brand new Peugeot vehicles will be available to hire from DriveMyCar starting from $29 a day.

The range which includes the 208 hatchback, 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV and 508 Touring Wagon provides flexible mobility solutions to suit modern lifestyles and enables try before you buy experiences, packages for Uber drivers and the ability to choose different cars to meet changing needs.

Instead of purchasing a car without really experiencing it, prospective buyers can now try cars from the Peugeot range for a week or more before making a decision. Uber drivers also have the opportunity to drive a brand new car, while earning a flexible income, without the long-term commitment and costs of owning it.

By leveraging DriveMyCar’s expertise in the sharing economy, Peugeot is offering a way for potential purchasers to experience the quality and uniqueness of the Peugeot range first hand in a much more impactful manner than the traditional TV and online advertising campaigns relied upon by most automotive manufacturers.

DriveMyCar is a peer-to-peer marketplace where cars can be rented directly from the owners, providing wider choice and lower prices for renters which include individuals, Uber drivers and companies. Through this partnership, the Peugeot fleet is available for pick up across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Managing Director of Peugeot Australia, Anouk Poelmann said “Peugeot Australia is excited to partner with a like-minded, innovative company in DriveMyCar and the addition of Peugeot vehicles to their fleet is a great opportunity for customers to sample our fantastic product in an entirely new way”.

“Our partnership with Peugeot enables DriveMyCar to provide excellent value to our customers and the opportunity to experience the style and luxury of the Peugeot range in a way that is not possible with traditional car rental companies. We seek to align ourselves with companies like Peugeot that can embrace the opportunity to engage with customers in innovative ways that deliver real value,” said Chris Noone, CEO of DriveMyCar.

DriveMyCar has managed over 11,000 rentals and paid over $7.1 million to vehicle owners.

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