Australian News - July 27, 2021

The Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo

Alfa Romeo bids farewell to an icon with the Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo, the last production run of the Alfa Romeo 4C, that 15 Australians have been lucky enough to secure. 

Uniquely numbered one of 15, the Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo will soon arrive on Australian shores in the form of 10 Coupe variants and five Spider variants, each vehicle a true collector’s item for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts.

First launched in Australia in February 2015, the Alfa Romeo 4C took the local performance market by storm, offering supercar speed, stunning looks and F1-inspired technology. The Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo pays homage to the 4C’s racing roots, remaining the epitome of Italian style, celebrated by its iconic sporty interior and exterior design.

“The Alfa Romeo 4C is a beautiful representation of the Alfa Romeo brand, culminating both Italian style and technical performance,” said Tom Noble, Director of Marketing Communications for Alfa Romeo.

“This is a tribute to an icon and we’re thrilled to be able to provide Australian enthusiasts with an opportunity to own a piece of history with the Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo,” he continued.

A true driver’s car, the beautifully handcrafted dual-mode, lightweight titanium Akrapovic exhaust system assists in the roadster’s handling and performance. The Akrapovic exhaust system enhances the vehicle’s soundtrack, producing maximum Alfa Romeo sound when the vehicle is in Dynamic or Race mode.

The Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo exterior is celebrated with a striking Special Ville d’Este red coat of paint, paired with gold wheels. Carbon fibre accents also feature throughout the front fascia vents and the mirror covers decorated with the colours of the Italian flag. Carbon fibre is further featured on the roof of the Coupe, whilst the Spider houses a carbon fibre roll bar.

Both the 4C 33 Stradale Tributo Coupe and Spider also feature a piano black front air intake and rear diffuser, and a dedicated ‘Centro Stile Alfa Romeo’ exterior badge.

In the interior, the vibrant red carbon fibre tub is proudly prominent, pairing perfectly with the rest of the track-ready cabin. Competition two-tone seats, a leather stitched upper dashboard and the ‘33 Stradale Tributo’ dashboard insert combine to create a refined and premium cockpit, all further elevated with a uniquely numbered centre console badge – a lucrative adornment for the Alfa Romeo collectors.

The Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo is arriving in Dealerships now, with customer deliveries commencing this August.

Pricing and Specifications 

Model Engine Trans Drive Fuel Power BVP*
Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo Coupe  1.75L Turbo 6TCT RWD Petrol 177 kW $123,000
Alfa Romeo 4C 33 Stradale Tributo Spider  1.75L Turbo 6TCT RWD Petrol 177 kW $133,000