Australian News - February 15, 2018

The New Holden Commodore Ready To Take Australia By Storm

Your grandparents had one, so did your parents, and now it’s your turn, as the all-new Holden Commodore is finally launched. And, just as Australian drivers have evolved and progressed over the past 40 years, so has the iconic Commodore with cutting-edge technology at the forefront of Holden’s new hero.

With 40 years of applied learnings, the all-new Commodore feels like a leap forward while retaining its unmistakable Aussie DNA offering a long list of Commodore firsts sure to set Australian driver pulses racing.

Designed for the ultimate in driver confidence, wet road performance and an effortless launch, Commodore’s all-new Adaptive All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) is standard on all 3.6-litre models and provides new-generation, state-of-the-art Twinster technology. The twin clutch system reads road inputs up to 100 times per second and distributes power between front and rear axles and laterally between rear axles. In short, Commodore’s Adaptive AWD system makes sure the most effective wheels are driving the vehicle at all times.

There’s also other goodies such as a 360-degree camera that gives the driver a bird’s eye view of the car to help in those awkward parks or tight space maneuvers. Add to that, Advanced Park Assist takes control of the steering in parallel and perpendicular parks and there’s not much left for unconfident parkers to fear!

Holden’s premium LED Matrix headlights are back too, and this time, they’re bigger, brighter and better than before. A staggering 32 LED light system work seamlessly together to track around road corners, dip down in sections to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers or pedestrians and effectively turn night into day. They also do a fancy dancing light show on start up because, well, why not?

Commodore’s Handsfree Power Tailgate takes it to the next level, allowing drivers to open the vehicle boot with a simple kick motion. But that’s not the only cool bit. To help make sure the driver’s kick is in the right place, Commodore beams down a Batman-style Holden logo to aim at. No Bat-phone required.

“Commodore has been at the forefront of delivering new driver technology to Australians for the past 40 years and the 2018 Commodore elevates that to the next level,” said Holden’s Executive Director – Marketing, Mark Harland.

“We’ve got genuine state-of-the-art technology such as the LED Matrix headlights and Adaptive AWD but also a long list of user friendly features such as heated and cooled seats, massage driver’s seat and colour head-up display.

“In terms of safety, Commodore delivers in spades with a 5-star ANCAP rating, Emergency Braking, auto headlights and rear-view camera available as standard across the entire range. And with the range starting at just $35,990 driveaway, it all adds up to phenomenal value for money for our customers.”

The 2018 Commodore has been the recipient of significant Holden engineering input, designed to ensure the car has the distinctive and engaging feel Australians expect from a Commodore. High-tech driving aides, in addition to years of experience tuning every Commodore from the 1998 VT Commodore onwards, have resulted in Holden’s Lead Dynamics Engineer, Rob Trubiani, being confident this is undoubtedly a driver’s car.

“We’ve spent a lot of time making sure the new Commodore has the feel and handling you’d expect from a Commodore,” said Trubiani.

“We’ve worked on some unique content, including a distinctive Aussie steering tune to give it that familiar feel but it’s the adaptive AWD that impresses most.

“The adaptive Twinster AWD system gives Commodore traction to a level it’s never had before. In the wet, it sticks to the road like glue and in the dry, it feels like it’s running on rails which is great for giving drivers confidence that when they turn the wheel, they know exactly where the car will go and what it will do.”

The all-new Holden Commodore will be available from Holden dealers nationwide from late February 2018 with customers encouraged to go and see for themselves what all the fuss is about.


  • Remote Start – start the vehicle before you get in to give the climate control a head start. Great for hot summer days.
  • Advanced Park Assist – can’t park to save your life? The 2018 Commodore will do it for you with the push of a button!
  • Handsfree power tailgate – everybody likes the challenge of trying to carry all the food shopping bags into the house in one go but, closing the car boot can sometimes scupper that dream. A kick of the foot takes that problem away in Tourer and Sportwagon. Game on.
  • Adaptive AWD – the 2018 Commodore’s all-wheel-drive system reads the road 100 times per second to ensure the most effective wheels are engaged.
  • Wireless phone charging – because wires are so 2017.
  • Colour Head-up display – further developed since its introduction on VF Commodore, head-up display allows drivers to see their speed, navigation and more on the windscreen, which means more time with eyes on the road.
  • Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights – they dance on hello, bend around corners and block out oncoming cars to avoid dazzling drivers. Who knew lights could be cool?
  • 360-degree camera – Commodore’s front and rear camera is also supplemented by two side cameras to give drivers a bird’s eye view of the car during tricky maneuvers.