World News - February 7, 2018

The New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

In Duisburg, Germany overnight, Mercedes-Benz Vans revealed the new Sprinter complete with fascinating design, safety features at the highest level, maximum cost-effectiveness, customer and sector-oriented details and a connectivity package that takes infotainment systems and telematics applications into a new era.

Global CEO of Mercedes-Benz Vans Volker Mornhinweg, said “In the logistics and transport world of the future, adaptability to specific needs and the changing expectations of customers will be a defining success factor. Just building a good vehicle is therefore not enough. The new Sprinter must be more than the sum of its parts. With new connectivity services, a new telematics generation and an unprecedented number of variants, it is a comprehensive system meeting an enormous range of commercial transport requirements. This means that the new Sprinter achieves precisely what its preceding generations demonstrated before it: it sets new standards.”

CEO and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand Diane Tarr, said “Since its introduction in 1998 we have lead the market with the first two generations of the Sprinter. With such a vast and configurable range of variants, we have provided sector specific solutions covering a range from classic courier services over the last delivery mile, major motorhome manufacturers, service providers, eGrocery delivery, construction, manufacturing, rental, passenger transportation and of course Ambulance services. Amazingly we are now adding even more, opening the Sprinter to new sectors through additional variants and features, whilst providing a far more intelligent, user friendly and interactive Sprinter range. Not to mention we will further bolster safety through a range of new assistance systems, previously only found in the passenger car range.”

Adaptable in every detail: It is possible to generate 1,734 different Sprinter variants just using the basic parameters such as body type, powertrain concept, cab configuration, body length, tonnage and cargo space height. This variability makes the new Sprinter the ideal vehicle for many different transport needs and sectors.

Front-wheel drive and new transmissions: The proven powertrain concept around rear- and all-wheel drive is augmented by a new front-wheel drive. With this version, for design-inherent reasons, the payload increases by 50 kilograms compared with rear-wheel drive, while an 80-millimetre lower loading edge makes for significantly more convenient loading/unloading and getting in/out of the vehicle. The technical highlights of the new Sprinter include two newly developed transmissions for front-wheel drive – a 9-speed automatic transmission with torque converter as an innovation in the large-van segment and a likewise newly developed 6-speed manual transmission. In combination with

front wheel drive, a new tractor head variant is available, allowing maximum scope when designing and using bespoke bodies.

Driver’s workplace sets standards: Ergonomically optimised, safe and comfortable – these attributes make the cab an ideal workplace. The improvements include ergonomically shaped seats and optional memory function with electric seat adjustments, Keyless Start and optimised air conditioning. A versatile stowage concept ensures that everything has its place.

Practical with high load-carrying capacity: Loadable wheel housings and extended cargo space heights in combination with front-wheel drive make for greater versatility of the cargo space. The maximum loading capacity is 17 m3, while the tonnage extends as far as 5.5 tonnes.  Super-single tyres as an alternative to twin tyres at the rear axle are now permitted for gross vehicle weights of up to 5 tonnes. Whatever the model and tyres, the rear doors of the new Sprinter can be opened to the side walls even more easily. There is no longer a mechanically released catch in the 90-degree position, and the door can be conveniently opened with one hand.

Designed for safety in every respect: Also in the large-van segment, Mercedes-Benz Vans once again lives up to its role as an innovation driver and pioneer in the introduction of state-of-the-art safety technologies. The available assistance and control systems in the new Sprinter include DISTRONIC radar based cruise control, Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST, a modern Parking Package with 360-degree all-round visibility and a rain sensor with integral Wet Wiper System for optimal vision also during windscreen cleaning.

Fusion of form and function: The exterior of the third-generation Sprinter ushers in a new era in which the vehicle’s quality in the solution of transport problems is not the only thing in demand. In a modern fleet, the vehicle also takes on the role of company ambassador and acts as a figurehead especially for small and medium-sized firms. Firmly established in the passenger-car sector, the Mercedes-Benz design strategy provides the basis for this while impressing with a pure and yet sensual design.

Completely new multimedia system: The third-generation Sprinter sets totally new standards with the completely new MBUX multimedia systems (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The name for the new infotainment system, MBUX, sends the message that the focus is on the user experience (UX) and the system is celebrating its parallel premiere in the new A-Class. The flagship among infotainment systems leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to connectivity and state-of-the-art technology. It comes with such features as a10.25-inch display with HD resolution and is controlled from a touchscreen. This control forms the communications centre for all the information that comes together there. The optimised voice control is activated by keywords, and also registers everyday speech. The infotainment system responds to the statement “The fuel tank is empty” by suggesting filling stations in the area or along the chosen route. Messages can also be dictated, and are reliably recognised. Comprehensive internet connectivity is one of the most important new features and a high-speed (LTE-capable) internet connection is integrated into the vehicle.

Leap in efficiency thanks to internet connection: With state-of-the-art connectivity hardware and Mercedes PRO connect services, the new Sprinter is part of the Internet of Things. The innovations designed to make day-to-day work easier and more efficient include simpler fleet management and optimised communication between fleet manager and driver. This allows small and medium-sized fleets in particular to achieve a new quality of vehicle management.

18 connectivity services go online: With the market launch of Mercedes PRO connect as an ex-factory solution, 18 central fleet-, vehicle-, driver- and location-based services will be introduced in 21 European countries. Among the services are vehicle status, vehicle logistics, fleet communication, maintenance management and a digital trip list. The new services are implemented, among other things, with an all-new telematics generation featuring an up to 10.25-inch HD display and touchscreen control.

The systematic electrification of fleets is part of the comprehensive strategy: The eVito, which became available for ordering in November 2017, will kick off the process this year, followed by the eSprinter in 2019. The cooperation with Hermes is an example of a strategic partnership. The pilot project with this logistics company envisages the addition of 1500 electric vans to the fleet in Germany by 2020.

The Total Cost of Ownership – where the new Sprinter scores points: Good value retention and easy maintenance: the new generation impresses with classic Sprinter strengths.

Engine details:

  OM 651
Displacement 2143cc
Cylinders 4/in-line
Output 114hp/84kW at 3800rpm 143hp/105kW at 3800rpm 163hp/120kW at 3800rpm 177hp/130kW* at 3800rpm
Torque 300 Nm at 1400-2400rpm 330 Nm at 1400-2400rpm 360 Nm at 1400-2400rpm 400 Nm at 1800-2400rpm
Cylinder bore/piston stroke 83.0mm/99mm
Compression ratio 16.2:1
Turbocharger 2-stage (RWD), 1-stage (FWD) 2-stage (RWD), 1-stage (FWD) 2-stage (RWD) 1-stage (FWD)

*130kw only for camper vans

  OM 642
Displacement 2987cc
Cylinders V6/72°
Output 190hp/140kW at 3800rpm
Torque 440 Nm at 1600-2600rpm
Cylinder bore/piston stroke 38.0/92 mm
Compression ratio 18.0:1
Turbocharger 1-stage (RWD)

Transmission details:

OM651 – 4 Cylinder Diesel OM642 – V6 Diesel
6-speed manual transmission STD STD STD
7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission Optional Optional STD STD
9-speed automatic transmission Optional

The proven 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission can now also be operated by “Drive Select”. It is now available for all diesel-engine rear-wheel drive variants and all all-wheel drive variants. The transmission impresses with smooth gearshifts, high fuel economy and low maintenance costs.