Australian News - January 23, 2020

The Volkswagen Amarok V6 Manual

Volkswagen Australia has listened to its customers and fans and has introduced the Amarok Australia wanted: the class-leading, powerful V6 Amarok fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and low-range transfer case.

From Bondi to Birdsville, Australians have taken to the class-leading performance of the V6 Amarok in droves, with the high-specification range of Volkswagen’s dual cab ute consistently outselling four-cylinder derivatives. In some months, V6 variants have comprised of more than 80 per cent of Amarok sales.

While the Amarok’s eight-speed ZF automatic has proved extremely versatile in all conditions with torque available at the bottom of the rev range; for the off-road enthusiast, a manual variant of the V6 Amarok is still perceived as the Holy Grail for traversing peaks and shifting terrain. That has now become a reality thanks to the support of Australian fans.

Ryan Davies, Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Australia, was delighted to offer this Amarok variant to customers.

“At every off-road, caravan and camping expo and Big Red Bash concert the team and I attend, we speak with current owners and members of the off-roading community who have begged us to bring an Amarok V6 manual to Australia,” Davies explained.

“It was because of that passion that we were able to mount a case with our head office in Germany to build one and, based on Australia remaining the number one export market in the world for the V6 Amarok, we are finally able to offer this unique, Aussie-spec ‘Rok.”

With 180kW on overboost and a whopping 500Nm of torque, the Amarok V6 is the most powerful manual-equipped vehicle in its class. What’s more, the Amarok’s maximum torque is available from as low as 1,250rpm – more than enough grunt to traverse mountains, or move them altogether.

Permanently joining the existing Amarok range, the Amarok V6 manual is offered in the ever-popular Core model variant, in keeping with the vehicle’s intended off-road focus. In addition, a manual transmission will also be offered in a new Core Enduro model variant, which includes unique styling bar, bonnet protector and decals – adding $1,200 of added value, as a no-cost option to customers.


Non-permanently (selectable) engaged 4WD

The six-speed manual gearbox is paired with a non-permanently engaged four-wheel drive system (traditional four wheel drive), this is a different system than the permanent four wheel drive system fitted to the eight-speed automatic Amarok.

It has a part-time transfer box which permits two gear stages:

  1. Electrical engagement of front-wheel drive (4×4 HIGH)
  2. Front-wheel drive engagement and an additional reduction stage (4×4 LOW)

The buttons for activating and deactivating the drive ranges, the differential lock and the off-road drive programme are positioned on the centre console. The drive programme switch means there is no need for a second selector lever. A mechanical rear-axle differential lock is fitted as standard.

Mechanical rear differential lock
The Amarok V6 manual features a 100 per cent mechanical differential lock, used for driving in heavy terrain at low speed. The rear wheels are powered with the same speed of rotation and power, and the ABS/ESP control is deactivated when the differential lock is engaged.

The offroad programme, as outlined below, is activated by pressing the driving programme button (in the centre console), or automatically – when 4×4 LOW drive range is activated. Activation of the offroad drive programme is indicated by the driving programme warning light in the dash panel insert.

Offroad ABS
Vehicles with offroad ABS can brake better on ground such as sand and gravel by building up a skid wedge of loose material in front of the wheels. The skid wedge brakes the vehicle additionally and shortens the braking distance depending on the composition of the ground.

Offroad ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
When offroad mode is activated, ESP control behaviour, like offroad ABS, augments vehicle behaviour in order to improve traction. ESP intervenes somewhat later at speeds below 50 km/h when the vehicle is understeering, and at speeds below 70 km/h when the vehicle is oversteering. This feature minimises ESP intervention in situations where wheel slip is required, as the vehicle searches for traction in difficult terrain.

Hill–descent assist
The hill-descent assist makes descending steep hills more straightforward and more controllable. It limits the speed by active brake intervention at all four wheel brakes using the ESP hydraulics.

The system keeps the speed constant after the vehicle has started its descent. The driver can increase or reduce the speed at any time using the accelerator and brakes. The hill-descent assist adjusts speed within its control range between 2 and max 30 km/h.

Switch-on conditions for hill-descent assist
Automatic activation in 4×4 LOW
Slope forwards > 10 per cent, reverse > 8 per cent
Vehicle speed v < 30 km/h
Driver brakes less than the downslope force
Accelerator pedal is not pressed. The system functions when driving forwards and in reverse.

Amarok V6 Core TDI500 4×4 Manual – Performance
Max power, kW @ rpm: 165 @ 3,250 – 4,500
180kW on overboost
Max torque, Nm @ rpm: 500 @ 1,250 – 3,000
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Towing: 3.0 Tonne braked towing capacity
Payload: 1,004kg

Key Features – V6 Core 4×4
Composition media with App-Connect
Park distance control in rear with rear view camera
Daytime running lights
‘Austin’ cloth seat covering
Front fog lamps
17″ ‘POSADAS’ alloy wheels
Heavy duty front and rear rubber floor covering in cabin
Leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel

Climatic air-conditioning system (semi-automatic)

Additional Features – V6 Core Enduro 4×4 (above standard V6 Core 4×4)
Black ‘Enduro’ side decals
Front bonnet protector
Black sports bar

Amarok V6 Core 4×4 with six-speed manual transmission: $RRP $49,590
Amarok V6 Core Enduro 4×4 with six-speed manual transmission: RRP $49,590